Aphrodite's Child - 666

Copyright © 1971 Polygram International Music B.V./Vertigo
666 was recorded during 1970 / 71, but released in 1972 when the band split......

[0:00] The System 
[0:23] Babylon 
[3:12] Loud loud loud 
[5:52] The Four Horsemen 
[11:47] The Lamb 
[16:21] The Seventh Seal 
[17:51] Aegian Sea 
[23:14] Seven Bowls 
[24:44] The Wakening Beast 
[25:45] Lament 
[28:40] The Marching Beast 
[30:41] The Battle Of The Locusts 
[31:37] Do it 
[33:21] Tribulation 
[33:52] The Beast 
[36:19] Ofis 
[36:34] Seven Trumpets 
[37:09] Altamont 
[41:45] The Wedding Of The Lamb 
[45:22] The Capture Of The Beast 
[47:39] Infinity Symbol (∞)
[52:54] Hic And Nunc 
[55:50] All The Seats Were Occupied 
[01:15:10] Break 

Arranged and produced by: Vangelis Papathanassiou.
All music composed by: Vangelis Papathanassiou.
Text written by: Costas Ferris.

Vangelis Papathanassiou: Organ, piano, flute, percussion, vibes + various others, vocal backing.
Demis Roussos: Bass, vocal backings, lead vocal on "The four horsemen", "Babylon, + Hic et nunc"
Lucas Sideras: Drums, vocal backing, lead vocal on "The Beast" + "Break"
Silver Koulouris: Guitars + percussion.

Harris Halkitis: Bass, tenor sax, conga drums, backing vocal.
Michel Ripoche: (Courtesy Disques Riviera): Trombone, tenor-sax on "Babylon" + "Hic et nunc".
John Forst: Narration.
Yannis Tsarouchis: Greek text.
Irene Papas (Courtesy Polydor, Italy): Vocal on "(infinity)".