Frank Zappa - Hot Rats 1969

Hot Rats is the second solo album by Frank Zappa. It was released in October 1969. Five of the six songs are instrumental ("Willie the Pimp" features a short vocal by Captain Beefheart). It was Zappa's first recording project after the dissolution of the original Mothers of Invention.

In 1987 Zappa remixed Hot Rats for re-issue on Compact Disc. "Willie the Pimp" is edited differently during the introduction and guitar solo. "The Gumbo Variations" has 4 minutes of additional material including an introduction and guitar and saxophone solo sections which were cut from the vinyl LP version. Piano and flute which were buried in the LP mix of "Little Umbrellas" are prominent on the CD. Other differences include significant changes to the overall ambiance and dynamic range.

(Source: Wikipedia)

0:00 Peaches En Regalia (3:37)
3:37 Willie the Pimp (9:16)
12:54 Son of Mr Green Genes (8:58)
21:52 Little Umbrellas (3:03)
24:56 The Gumbo Variation (16:55)
41:52 It Must be a Camel (5:15)