Pink Floyd The Wall - Rebuilt

From the video creator

A long time ago. A very long time ago. 

This is Pink Floyd "The Wall Live" synced as much as possible with the audio from the CDs of the live performance that was recorded over two nights and the video is from one night. Alright the picture is bad but consider the music quality. Now we can finally watch Pink Floyd performing together. It's a shame that Roger Waters hasn't already done this, at least his video quality would have been better. Maybe this will inspire him to sort it out. Probably not. For the rest of us....until we get access to better footage...this is it. 

I'd say about 90% is synced nicely (the first couple of songs suffer the worst as the audio is from the 2nd night)and only the odd shot gives it away, not forgetting that the picture quality I had to deal with was dodgy at best. Still nice to watch and now is even better to hear thanks to the high quality CD soundtrack that breathes new life into this forgotten concert performance.

Take a trip back to 1981 and imagine that your friend has let you borrow a VHS video cassette, not the one full of porn but instead one which has a rare performance of Britain's best Prog Rock acts ever. Witness Roger Waters and Dave Gilmour perform the classic "The Wall" like you've never seen before. Complete with VHS video noise the only thing it doesn't do is that weird yelping sound that old video cassettes did when you over watched them, but as that mainly happened on VHS cassette tapes that were full of porn I guess it's not an issue here.

Play in the highest playback quality for the best sound and watch in full screen to see the best results.

Got any better footage? Get in touch and I'll rebuild this sucker again...brick by f***ing brick.