Release Music Orchestra - Garuda(1975)

Funky fusion from the lands of Germany. Follows the path of mid-seventies Kraan, Missus Beastly, Embryo, Passport and some Canterbury Scene as well. It's their best album imo, and while not the really a lost treasure it still contains some nice material. The three long tracks("Slapstick, "Garuda" and "Mama Kubu") being the ones with the most punch. The shorter stuff is usually more in the land of avant-garde and does not leave that huge of an impression on me. The title track's my fave.

0:00 Slapstick
10:17 Zwichenspiel - Holger
11:05 Torso Im Sommerwind
15:28 Zwichenspiel - Norbert
16:20 Rallye Dallye
18:39 Zwischenspiel - Zabba
19:08 Zwichenspiel - Manne
20:02 Garuda
32:24 Zwischenspiel - Margit
33:22 Mama Kubu

Bass Guitar, Acoustic Guitar -- Holger Dunkel
Clarinet, Soprano Saxophone, Vocals -- Norbert Jacobsen
Drums, Xylophone, Gong -- "Zabba" W. Lindner*
Mixed By -- Conny Plank
Organ, Piano, Synth [Moog] -- "Manne" Rürup
Percussion, Vocals, Acoustic Guitar -- Margit Maya Haberland
Producer -- Release Music Orchestra
Alto Saxohone - Johannes "Alto" Pappert(first,third and last track)
Tenor Saxophone -- Jochen Petersen(first, third and last track)
Bongos -- Capt. Snappy Störtebaker(last track)