The Who: Greatest Hits

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Track Listing:
0:00:00 I Can't Explain (Mono Version)
0:02:06 My Generation (Mono Version)
0:05:24 The Kids Are Alright (Mono/Stereo Version)
0:08:31 Substitute (Single Version)
0:12:19 Happy Jack (Single Version)
0:14:31 Pictures of Lily
0:17:15 I Can See for Miles
0:21:24 Magic Bus (Stereo Version)
0:24:41 Pinball Wizard
0:27:43 Behind Blue Eyes
0:31:26 Baba O'Riley
0:36:28 Won't Get Fooled Again
0:45:01 Love Reign O'er Me
0:50:56 Squeeze Box
0:53:39 Who Are You (US Edit Version)
0:57:07 You Better You Bet
1:02:45 Eminence Front
1:08:29 Real Good Looking Boy
1:14:12 It's Not Enough