Wovenhand - The Refractory

Any ground will do to bury
One the earth does not anticipate
Drinking in the spirit wide shouldered
Wide mouth perfect mason
The no good thing in me
The seller of the Sun
The cast douve mosabe
The lawless one
The shakers a shamble

A standing fire ever doth intercede
Rip the roof off and lower me down
Forever in my time of need

Son of the foaming see
Her kiss just three days away
From me

We are not His witness 
This thing I have known
He likes it cedar wood made
Sealed with pitch
The many rooms inside
Come on soothsayer
One ball remains
He sees red six He has hated
Yeah even seven
Lying in wait
In the shadow dim lit
Ascended on high
Taking captivity captive my audience
Do you hear what I hear?
Way up in the sky, little lamb?
I stand corrected
The refractory may rest
In the shadow dim lit
We remember one bull remains
Way up in the sky little lamb
You even seven

Forever my time of need come